Black snake slithering through yellow/orange leaves with its tongue out
“Snake in the Leaves”
A girl's hand reaching out to touch red berries that are attached to a tree
“Reaching Out”
A small bird sitting on a black fence next to some green leaves
“A Feathered Stare”
Blurred, brown background with small green leaves in focus
Close up focus of small, yellow flower before it begins to bloom
“Before the Bloom”
A small brown bird sits on a tree branch, looking to its right
Worm's eye view of a brown squirrel perched on the branches at the top of a tree
“Don’t Move”
Focused image of a tree branch. Trees surrounded by fallen yellow/orange leaves
“A Squirrel’s Perspective”
Water droplets formed on a web, surrounded by out of focus green leaves and yellow flowers
“Captured Water”
Worm's eye view following the yellow lines on the concrete road surrounded by tall, green trees
“Going Home”
Close up image of a squirrel laying on a branch
“Look Up”
Focused image of green flower buds before they have begun to bloom, surrounded by a spider web and green leaves
“Going Green”
Wide landscape of a river in the middle of the trees, fully covered by snow
Black snake staring straight ahead, surrounded by green grass and yellow/orange leaves
“Snake Eyes”