An australian shepherd peeking through a bush containing white flowers
“Indy in the Flowers”
Australian shepherd lying on a bench
“Good Boy”
Australian shepherd standing, looking into the camera with his tongue out
“Smile for the Camera”
Australian shepherd sitting in the grass
“Wind in my fur”
Black lab licking a baby girl's face
“A Girl’s Best Friend”
Black lab with her head down in the grass, staring up
“Brown Eyes”
Australian shepherd standing in yellow/orange leaves with his tongue sticking out
“Tongue Out”
Brown dog sitting, staring off
“Stop and Stare”
Australia Shepherd sitting in the grass with leaves peeking out from the sides, looking at the camera
“True Happiness”
Slight worms eye view looking up at an Australian shepherd standing looking away
“A New Perspective”
A smiling Australian shepherd lays on a brown wooden bench surrounded by yellow/orange leaves
“On a bench”
“Sit Still. Look Pretty”
Black and white dog standing, staring at the camera, cocking her head
Zoomed in photo of a young Aussie playing with an empty milk jug in the grass
“Milk Jug”
A wet Australian shepherd laying down looking up at the camera
“Golden brown Eyes”
Australian shepherd stands in the snow looking straight ahead and smiling as the snow falls down.
“As it falls”
Bird's eye view of an Australian Shepherd looking up with shadows of leaves in its face"
“Sunlit Shadows”
Brown and white dog standing up, staring at the camera, smiling
“Happy Girl”
An Australian shepherd standing as the snow falls down
“Snow Falling”
Australian shepherd in the sun, standing, looking to the left, on a set of rocks that line a waterfall.
“Sunlight on the Rocks”
Golden retriever swimming in clear water with an orange toy in its mouth
“Just Keep Swimming”
Australian shepherd standing on a set of rocks, liking water out of the water fall
“The Taste of Water”
An australian shepherd (looking up smiling) laying in the snowfilled grass with a white stuffed bunny in between his front legs
“Winter Love”
An Australian shepherd sitting in a cave, surrounded by rocks and purple flowers
“Purple Eyes”
Close up focused image of an Australian shepherds face
Australian shepherd puppy laying in the grass with its head on its front paw
“Puppy Eyes”
Two golden retrievers swimming side by side in the clear water. One holds an orange toy in its mouth
“It Takes Two”
Australian shepherd trotting through the pool water as water splashes on his wet fur.
“Walking on Water”
Close up of Australian shepherd staring straight ahead with its tongue out.
“Eyes Sparkle”
A wet Australian shepherd with a surprised look on his face and his front paw out as he is about to walk ahead.
Yellow lab staring at the camera with the sun shining, making shadows across his body.
“The Shadows on my Face”
Australian shepherd jumping up on two back paws to catch a white, bunny shaped stuffed animal.
“Perfect Catch”
Australian shepherd standing in front of a house, looking straight at the camera. An orange toy sits on the ground next to his paws
“The Biggest Smile”
Australian shepherd looking straight ahead with snow on its face and body.
“Snowflakes on my Face”
Australian shepherd with its mouth in a water fall