Girl in a denim jacket and a black beanie looks to the left as her hands wrap around tree branches. She is surrounded by green and yellow leaves and trees
“Hold On”
Bird's eye view of a girl in red laying in the grass looking up to the left with one arm out of frame and the other hand blocking the sun
“Sun Soaking”
Image of a girl's side profile looking to the left, downwards. She stands against a tree trunk and wears a red beanie. The shadows of the leaves and branches are cast on her hat
“Natural Shadows”
Image of a man with a brown hat, wearing a red hoodie gazing into the distance. Unfocused green leaves outline his face
A girl wearing blue, ripped jeans and a red top looks away as she places her hand along the side of a fence, overgrown with leaves.
“Blue Sky”
A girl with long light brown hair looks up to the left and laughs with an open mouth. She wears a gray hoodie with a plaid blue jacket overtop
“Belly Laughs”
A girl with brown braids wears a black hat and a denim jacket stares straight into the camera. Her hand pushes aside tree branches with orange leaves. The shadow of a branch goes through her eye
“Lightning Eye”
Side view of a girl in red staring at the camera as she lays down in the grass
Green leaves and branches surround a girl wearing black pants, a hat and a denim jacket. Her hands rest on her head as she looks down.
“Through the Leaves”
A girl in red lays on the grass with her eyes closed. Her arms anchored by her waist. Her face lit up from the sun.
“Taking it in”
Girl wearing denim jacket and black beanie's side profile looking to the right and slightly down. Bright yellow/green leaves are out of focus outlining the girl's profile
“Natural Smiles”
A girl with light brown braids and her head turned away from the camera, staring into the trees
“Look away”
A girl surrounded by trees looks downwards and smiles slightly as her hand pushed back her hair.
“Look at me”
Looking up at a girl with pink/purple hair with a black shirt and sunglasses on. She looks to the right, into the distance. She is surrounded by a large tree with green leaves
“A Sunny Day”
a boy stands, wearing a pink hoodie and black shorts, holding a red frisbee and smiles
Girl in black beanie looks straight ahead while her hand pushes branches to the side. A shadow of the branch goes through her eye and she is surrounded by yellow/green leaves on branches
“To the left”
Girl in denim jacket and wearing black looks to the left and stares off while her hands hang by her waist. She is surrounded by green leaves and branches.
“Stand Your Ground”
A girl's head lays on pumpkins. She wears a red beanie and looks up to the sky where the sun hits her face
“Blue Eyes”